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ADK 3 Zigma CHI Microphone System

NOW SHIPPING IN STAINLESS STEEL! A new modular mic system called CHI (Custom Head-Amp Integration) is the the first in the new ADK 3 Zigma series.

One mic body (head-amp) supports a variety of large and small capsules, providing the versatility of a very large high-end mic collection at an affordable price.

ADK Microphones

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A Tribute to the ADK A6

ADK Microphones is the 1997 creation of Larry Villella, recording engineer, piano expert, and vintage mic collector. His idea was to replicate the sonic qualities of vintage European mics by means of spectrum analysis and computer modeling of the response curves of his favorite mics and using modern manufacturing technology and parts. Rather than making a “me, too” line of cheap condenser microphones, Larry and some friends set out to make them better.

The A-51 quickly gained fame worldwide, with seemingly nothing else on the market with such "expensive" sound for under $200. The A-51 was winning blind shootouts against legendary high-end mics costing 10-20 times more. ADK kept improving upon the A-51 through different updates, and added a high SPL version (now called the S-51).

Since the early days, ADK has developed dozens of ground-breaking microphones for their Audiophile Series, as well as offering an ultra high-end line of mics and mods from the ADK Custom Shop that use their 3 Zigma line of Custom capsules.

Unlike many brands, ADK Microphones are sold through small independently owned retailers and contractors. Not just any store can be an authorized ADK dealer. This helps ensure that the ultimate customers, the musicians and engineers, are given the best possible service and attention. Pro Audio Toys is proud to have been the number one ADK Dealer since 2004. NO ONE knows ADK mics like we do!  If you are an artist or engineer interested in purchasing or a getting a demo of ADK microphones, contact us and we will help you find the ADK Microphone that fits your needs. 

Today we have marketing companies, chain stores, and even food brokers (yes, food brokers) going to Asia trying to build the cheapest possible microphones. At ADK, they ask, “How can we make them better?” From the clarity of a FET mic to the transparency of a transformerless design to the warmth of a tube condenser, there is an ADK microphone in the line that will make your mix sound better than ever before.