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ADK 3 Zigma CHI Microphone System

NOW SHIPPING IN STAINLESS STEEL! A new modular mic system called CHI (Custom Head-Amp Integration) is the the first in the new ADK 3 Zigma series.

One mic body (head-amp) supports a variety of large and small capsules, providing the versatility of a very large high-end mic collection at an affordable price.

ADK Acoustic Guitar Mic Recommendations

ADK: Vienna MK8, Hamburg MK8, A6

ADK Custom Shop: Vienna Au, Hamburg Au, TC-251

An acoustic guitar can be surprisingly hard to record. The starting point should be a single microphone aimed at a point somewhere between the end of the sound hole and the 12th fret. You will always find a sweet spot there, requiring only a minimum of EQ to give a satisfying recording. If the guitar's radiation pattern is not too complex, you can use a spaced pair, usually placed following the 3 to 1 rule: the distance between the mics should be 3 times the distance between each mic and the source.

If the radiation pattern is very complex, a coincident pair is often a better choice. In any case, a distance between the guitar and the mic of at least one foot is recommended. Distant recordings of acoustic guitars can be spectacular if the acoustics of the room are pleasant. Using pairs of SD mics or trying one-each Hamburg and Vienna in "Un-matched" LD Pairs can offer tone-blending possibilities.