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ADK 3 Zigma CHI Microphone System

NOW SHIPPING IN STAINLESS STEEL! A new modular mic system called CHI (Custom Head-Amp Integration) is the the first in the new ADK 3 Zigma series.

One mic body (head-amp) supports a variety of large and small capsules, providing the versatility of a very large high-end mic collection at an affordable price.

ADK Vocal Mic Recommendations

ADK Audiophile Series: TT, TC, Hamburg MK8 or Vienna MK8 or A6

Any & ALL ADK Custom Shop Mics: Four Variation-on-Historical Microphone Curves -Multi-Configured - Engineered to Ultra-Flatter High-Value Vocals & Lead Instruments.

The typical setup is a choice of large diaphragm mics, compared in the control room to be able to pick the best match for the voice and the song. Distance can be an inch to several inches depending on the desired effect. Pads are rarely needed but when close miking a loud singer it's safer to switch the pad on, if only to make sure the head amp won't distort on peaks. Always use a good-quality pop filter to protect capsule. For best results, pair with a Class-A Pre-amp.